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ENTROPIE Company Profile

ENTROPIE founded in 1980, is an engineering company specializing in the design and manufacturing of sea water desalination plants based on Multiple Effect Distillation (MED, MED-TVC, MVC) and Reverse Osmosis.

ENTROPIE sells equipment of its own design, performing all detailed engineering, procurement and manufacturing management. ENTROPIE also assumes responsibility for plant installation, start-up, commissioning and plant operation when required.

ENTROPIE's quality assurance system is certified ISO 9001 : 2015

Since 2005, ENTROPIE is a fully owned subsidiary of SIDEM which is part of the Veolia Water Technologies branch of the Veolia Group.

Present on the 5 continents with a turnover exceeding 30 billion Euros and more than 330 000 employees worldwide, VEOLIA is the world's leading water treatment specialist for both industrial and municipal applications.


Today's staff

The company has a staff of around 50 employees including 40 graduate Engineers and Technicians.

The Turnover

In 2013, the turnover of ENTROPIE reached 20 million Euros.

The know how

Heat transfer / process engineering : evaporation, vacuum systems, vapour compression, reverse osmosis ... In permanent search of new technical developments, ENTROPIE offers equipment optimised to fit the requirements of our industrial customers.


Based on water, energy, processes and environment, the main products offered is :

1. Sea water or brackish water desalination plants based on the vacuum distillation process

ENTROPIE with its mother company SIDEM have provided more than 80 % of the world's installed capacity of desalination plants using the Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) process.

Both companies with other subsidiaries of the Veolia Water Technologies group such as WESTGARTH, OTV, BEKOX and METITO Saudi Arabia, cover the full range of technologies presently available for sea or brackish water desalination including all pre and post treatments required.

2. Sea Water Desalination by Reverse Osmosis

Combining ENTROPIE strong experience of sea water desalination for the industrial market and Veolia Water Technologies expertise on the Reverse Osmosis process, ENTROPIE has developed a line of offers for Reverse Osmosis Sea Water Desalination units.

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