Sea water desalination plant in Bahrain


Process Multiple Effect Distillation with Thermal Vapour Compression
Country Bahrain
Contract Description Design / Supply / Deliver CFR Bahrain / Manage erection and commissioning of four desalination units 
Contract Date  June 1999
47000 m3 product water per day










Project Description :

The desalination units were supplied as part of a contract for the installation of a new coke calcining plant in Bahrain. Produced water covers site requirements (4 000 m3/day) and the balance is exported toward Bahrain potable water grid.


Technical Description :

The plant consists in 4 units, each one able to produce 12 300 m3/day, delivered in modules. Steam is obtained by heat recovery boilers placed on the flue gas of the kilns. The units are capable of operation between 40 % and 100 % of their nominal capacity.