Quality Management System & Environmental Policy

Quality Management System & Environmental Policy

ENTROPIE operates a Quality Management System which conforms with the requirement of ISO standards 9001 : 2015 & Environmental Policy.

The Quality System was originally certified in August 1996 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). The current certificate confirming compliance to ISO 9001 : 2015 is valid until 29th November 2025. 

The scope of approval is for the "Design and Project Management, Supervision of Manufacture, Assembly and Commissioning in Service of Desalination Units Concentrators and Water Treatment Systems".

Entropie is committed to maintaining in its premises and activities a general policy towards environmental protection which is quantifiable and responsible. The place concerned by this policy is the company head office at 1 rue Giovanni Battista Pirelli - 94417 Saint Maurice cedex - France.

The Quality Management System is defined in a Quality Manual and associated procedures. 

The basis of the Quality Management System is outlined in the company's Quality Policy Statement below.


Quality Policy objective

The purpose of the Quality Policy established by the General Management (DG) is to cover two essential requirements :

  • To satisfy the customer and interested parties, by supplying an activity, a product, a service which corresponds to their requirements and which complies with applicable laws and regulations and to other requirements which ENTROPIE adheres to. 
  • To increase the Company's competitiveness and prevent the identified risks of pollution by permanently improving the quality of the proposed activities and products. 

The ENTROPIE Quality Policy is re-assessed on the occasion of ENTROPIE major evolutions and at least every 3 years. 

ENTROPIE is committed to continuous improvement of QMS in setting specific quality targets. They are defined and periodically followed up to continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system of ENTROPIE. These targets are applied to the different process which constitue the QMS ENTROPIE and the DG undertakes to provide the required resources to meet these targets.