Sea water desalination plant in Egypt


Process Multiple Effect Distillation with Thermal Vapour Compression
Country Egypt
Contract Description Design / Supply / Deliver DDU / Supervision of erection / Commissioning of two desalination units & supervision of operation for one year
Contract Date 2010
Capacity 2 x 4000 m3 product water per day


Project Description :

The plant will produce 4000 m3/day of pure water for process use in a power plant. This contract is a Veolia consortium for the supply and construction of the water treatment and desalination systems for El Ain El Sokhna (Egypt) Power Plant. Within the consortium, Entropie shall build the sea water desalination plant with a total capacity of 8000 m3/day.


Technical Description :

The units are based on the Multiple Effect Distillation technology (MED). They are composed of six evaporation cells with two under the thermocompressor. Condensate from first effect is returned to power plant condensate network.