Reverse Osmosis

The compactness of sea water reverse osmosis units flexibility in purity of produced water allows for installation on offshore site and use in both potable water production and process water application, with or without minor post treatment.


Reverse Osmosis Applications

These applications include the production of process water and potable water for the following industries :


  • FLNG and FPSO
  • Offshore Platform
  • Petrochemical Complexes
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Methanol Plants


The Technology

Reverse Osmosis occurs when pressure stronger than the osmotic pressure is applied to a saline water solution passing through a semipermeable membrane and a flow of water going to the pure water side is observed. The membrane allows the passage of the water but not of salts. By this simple process, high quality water can be extracted from a saline water solution. RO is efficient for low or high concentrations of salts and can thus be used to treat brackish water as well as seawater. Sea water must be pre-treated to avoid fouling and scaling that damages membranes.